#pivot2412 prep

  Travers Bikes Its been a while, After last years race I was pretty sure I was going to take a break from 24hrs campaigning. Im by no means a regular 24hrs rider as I think one a year is plenty. Some of the others on the scene ride several a year which is just […]

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24hr Racing, you forget how hard it is for those of you who haven’t competed in one and for those of you who are not maybe even cyclists i’ll try to put into words how hard it is:

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I have spoken about these beauties before on my previous blog but I thought I would do an individual piece here. I have been riding Laufs original TR fork for some time now and its magic carpet ride and weight loss made it a go to choice for less technical courses. It wasn’t without its […]

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I have been busy, building a new bike based on my current bike… Ill explain how it started, last year Mike (Travers) and I were discussing + sized tyres I had borrowed his 29+ and while was impressed with its massive grip huge ground eating capabilities, the extra mass and size just didn’t fit with […]


Travers RussTi

I’m majorly happy, for a number of reason which I hope that these next few words will convey. Mike Travers has been looking to refine the already great Rudy and bring it up to date with current trends and thoughts. With some clever engineering he has managed to repackage the range of MTB frames he […]

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Time to Reflect

2015 its had its ups and downs, and it didn’t all go to plan but when does that ever happen. Hasn’t stopped me planning for next year though and it hasn’t stopped the mighty Travers bikes launching their 2016 frame the ‘Rusty’ The first customers should have theirs by the time I post this and mine […]

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